Her lips were the curled pages of a book,

Holding their words well, yet drew blood when fingers tread too carelessly.

Her eyes flickered like a storm through the blinds,

I longed for her gaze, but feared her attention.


 Petal Dance  (2013) ‘ペタル ダンス’ Directed by Hiroshi Ishikawa

(Source: salou-desu)

Here I am: unhinged at the waist,
a meeting place for two fumbling
forms in the dark.

Here I am: the last rain of an otherwise
drought-filled summer, a resting place
for heartache.

Here you are: a mouth that the wolves
would fight over, eyes like two furnace
coals burning in my gut.

Here I am and here are you,
and here: here is where we began.

Shelby Asquith, “Wildfires Burn Out Much Too Quickly” (via petrichour)